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"See Sec 7.30.1A for the definition of GMQS to search for the GSA, calculate FAR based on steep slope special exemption for parcels < 1 acre (see Sec.3.12)."
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"Your max floor area is 5,750 sq ft"

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What are the overlays at this property?
The overlays include R-30, Scenic Resource, and Wildfire Hazard zones.
What's the biggest house that can be built?
The max floor area = GSA * 0.007. The max floor area is 12,382 sqft. R-30 zone has a max floor area of 10,000 sqft for parcels less than 3 acres. So the max floor area for the property is 10,000 sqft.
Can an ADU be built?
Yes, an Accessory Dwelling Unit is allowed in R-30. An ADU must not exceed 1,000 sqft and the same setbacks that apply for single-family dwelling unit apply for an ADU.
What are the setbacks for wetlands?
The setbacks for wetlands is a min of 30 ft. This area, known as the "buffer", should remain free from physical development and use.
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